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Acupuncture Treats Fibromyalgia

Nutrition and Lifestyle News: Acupuncture Eases Fibromyalgia Symptoms
Source:, Aug. 30, 2005
A new study from the Mayo Clinic suggests that acupuncture can temporarily relieve the pain, chronic fatigue and anxiety of fibromyalgia. Researchers from Mayo�s Pain Clinic tested acupuncture on 50 fibromyalgia patients diagnosed as "moderately debilitated.� None of the patients had gotten relief from other types of treatment. One group of the patients received six acupuncture treatments over a two to three week period while a second group got six sessions of simulated acupuncture. Patient questionnaires showed that pain, fatigue and anxiety diminished significantly among those in the true acupuncture group. The changes were most notable one month after treatment. However, physical function didn�t improve, and symptoms returned to pretreatment levels, according to a follow-up questionnaire administered seven months after treatment. The Mayo findings were presented at the 11th World Congress on Pain in Sydney Australia. The researchers suggested that ongoing acupuncture treatments may offer relief to some patients who aren�t helped by antidepressants, stress management and aerobic exercise, all of which are used to treat the disorder. They also called for larger studies to confirm and expand upon their findings.

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